Why the Boss Feeder is THE BEST!

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There’s no doubt – The Boss Feeder is the Leader. Here’s why:


  • All steel construction
  • Revolutionary new design
  • Feeds out round and square hay bales
  • One piece pressed steel for extra strength
  • Completely covered in floor means no wastage

The Boss Feeder Leader has large heavy frame with centre post to carry weight.

60mm prongs extending through box plate welded to double clevis linkage pins creating extra strength to carry up to 2 ton of silage.

It also has a unique sliding top link which makes it easier to connect the bale fork frame to the cradle.

Heavy duty robust locking catch system holding the fork frame and cradle together.

The Boss Feeder Leader is less likely to fall apart with fixed bottom welded sheet for strength, strong fork frame and long lasting moly bushes.

The shafts are covered in to eliminate silage wrapping.

It has a 3” roller pitch chain with a breaking strain of 15,000 pounds (7.5 tones) and a special chain guide system which means never needing to adjust tension.

The Feeder Leader has box section steel for flat feet which stops the feeder moving around when hooking up.

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