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Art’s-Way Grinder Mixers.

The largest Grinder Mixer on the market.

Available in hammermill or rollermill version.


It’s not just the largest in the industry, it is also the best and most productive grinder on the market today. The portable 6530 grinder mixer from Art’s Way features a gigantic 165-bushel tank with a one-piece 26 inch hammermill. This 4 ton mixer is easily configured to meet the needs of your specific livestock operations and includes a multitude of new ideas and improvements that originated from the experience of owners of previous models. Also available in smaller 6105 version.

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Art’s-Way 6105 Grinder Mixer

Art’s-Way 6140 Grinder Mixer

Art’s-Way 6530 Grinder Mixer

Art’s-Way Cattle Maxx Rollermill

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