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websiteAt long last, the new Vin Rowe website is live. Just in time for the new year!

Our old sight was – let’s be honest – looking a bit tired. It was well overdue for us update the site and step into the two-thousand-and-teens.

We’re hoping that the new site is much more clear to understand and easy to use. But of course, we’d love to hear your feedback.

Here are just some of the ways we’ve tried to make the new site better for you:

Better Navigation – Unlike the old site, we’ve thought long and hard about how to re-organise our site to make it easy for you.

Better Descriptions – We’ve been working hard writing pages for each of our products, so there’s more information for you, if you need it.

It works on your phone – We’ve used the latest technology to make the responsive, which is a fancy way to say that it’s optimised for your mobile. Which makes it easier to contact us when you’re out in a paddock.

It’s easier to update – and that makes it more likely that we’ll keep it up to date. So make sure you come back again soon!

Of course, if you’re a facebook user, you can follow us on facebook too.

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